At the Y, we believe that being healthy means more than simply being physically active.  It's about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind, and body.  The Y is a leading voice on health and well-being issues - and a leader in fighting chronic disease - and is committed to empowering people to lead fuller lives.  We bring families closer together, promote healthy living and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests.  As a result, thousands of youth, adults, and families receive the support, guidance, and resources they need to become and stay healthy.

Everyone has a different definition of their own well-being.  Through our Nine Dimensions of Health & Well-Being Wheel below, do you see any dimensions that stand out to you personally?  Do you see areas of growth?

Find out more about your own health & well-being by printing out and completing the following activity and answering the questions below.

1.  How are you right now?  Plot a point in each wedge for how satisfied you are with your well-being right now, on a scale of one (the center of the circle) to ten (the outside of the circle), with ten being the most well you could be.  Connect the adjacent dots.

2.  How do you want to be?  Repeat the exercise, plotting points for where you would like your well-being to be.  Again, connect the adjacent dots.

Family Time ... A stronger you, stronger family
Serving families has always been at the heart of the Y. We are a place where they can find respite from soical, economic and education challenges, and learn how to overcome them. We have a fundamental desire to provide opportunities for every family to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance and become more engaged with their communities.

Group Interests ... We're here for good.
Whether you're new to the community or simply want to pursue a new hobby, the Y brings together people who love to learn. A wide variety of classes and programs are offered to help you explore. You'll learn right along side others from your community who share your interests.


Health, Well-Being & Fitness ... A healthier you, a happier you.
Healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing mind, body and spirit, well-being and fitness. At the Y, it's more than just working out. In addition to our physical fitness classes and facilities, we provide educational programs to promote healthier decisions, and offer a variety of programs that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

Active Older Adults

Group Exercise Schedule

Sports & Recreation ... Reaching the top with help from your friends.

We believe sports, fun and exploring new interests aren't just for the young. Along with improving healthy, whenever teamwork is involved, there's the added benefit of being connected to others. That's why you'll find a range of recreational activities at the Y. With something for everyone, there's no such thing as being too old to get into the game.

Adult Recreation

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