Back pain symptoms can differ depending on what caused the pain and discomfort in the first place. If it is caused by an injury, the pain is limited to the back and doesn’t affect other parts of the body such as legs or hips. Lower back pain that doesn’t fade within a few days is a sign that there is something wrong. If the pain lasts for months, it becomes chronic. Back pain can also be due to sciatica or a herniated disc. In such cases, the pain radiates in the legs and hips and affects only one part of the body.

How to Deal with Back Pain

It is important for the back pain symptoms to be carefully analyzed in order to determine what is causing them and what action must be taken to deal with the problem. There are some exercises that are beneficial for back pain, but you should only do them after talking to a specialist. Remember that over exercising can cause severe complications.

Massage can also help relax the back muscles and provide relief from the pain. Using essential oils for massaging will provide better results. Oiling Point, a website that explores the best essential oils for treating injuries, selected an essential oil that can help relieve back pain. What is Oiling Point’s #1 pick for the best essential oil for back pain?

Marjoram Oil

According to the site, the best essential oil for back pain is the Now Foods Marjoram Oil. The oil has unique qualities that made it popular among those who are suffering from back pain. Marjoram oil has soothing effects on the respiratory system’s organs. Due to this property, it can be used to control asthma and provide relief from cough. When used in massage, marjoram oil is an excellent anti-spasmodic and analgesic. It can help treat joint and muscle pain. Since it is organic, it doesn’t have undesirable side effects unlike some analgesics out there. Marjoram oil can also help reduce inflammation. One thing that you need to keep in mind about marjoram oil is that it may cause hypersensitivity. Just like any other product, moderation should be observed when using essential oils.

Basil oil essential

Basil Essential Oil

Oiling Point also recommends basil essential oil. It can loosen tight muscles, which makes it beneficial for treating aching muscles and fatigue. A few drops of basil essential oil can soothe inflamed muscles. This oil can also improve mood and improve one’s levels of energy. As a natural stimulant, basil essential oil can help boost vitality and mental alertness.

Aside from alleviating back pain, these essential oils also offer other benefits. While marjoram oil may cause hypersensitivity, you can still prevent it from happening by testing the oil first. Apply a small amount of marjoram oil on your skin to see if there is any adverse side effect. You can also mix it with milder carrier oils. If your back pain doesn’t go away, it is best that you seek a doctor as soon as possible.